About Tony Tran

Tony est un jeune passionné du marketing numérique. Diplômé de HEC Montréal, il reste toujours à l'affût des nouvelles tendances marketing. Tony se distingue par sa volonté de performer. Comment faire? Trouver le prochain growth hack et le mettre en application avant tout le monde!

Launching LeadFox 2.0 | 100+ new features

Today is a great day in LeadFox history. It is with pride and enthusiasm that we announce the release of version 2.0 of LeadFox. This launch has given LeadFox the opportunity to give its desktop application a fresh new look while standardizing user experience and adding more than a hundred new features. On

How to generate leads with Facebook and convert them into customers!

One of the main goals of a website is to bring traffic intended to generate qualified leads. But what’s the point of having a website that doesn’t offer a return on your investment? There are numerous lead generation strategies geared towards commitment to your brand. Among others, the inbound marketing method, newsletters, and pop-ups

Leadfox v1.5 : Product Update

With the product update 1.5, LeadFox will have several changes that will improve our platform significantly. The biggest change being the integration with Zapier (see the article on Zapier here), we also enhanced a lot of features to make it easier to convert your visitors into clients! Click here for a Free Trial

11 Phenomenal Marketing Automation Tips

Marketing Automation does exactly that. It automates your marketing. We often forget that it’s supposed to streamline our marketing processes. Not replace it. Earlier in my career, I worked for Eric. He was head of sales and he needed me to compile sales data in Excel. Back then, I did not know “VLOOKUP” existed

How to customize your emails

Use contact properties to humanize your emails! Autoresponders and automated emails are renowned for their impersonal nature, despite the famous “Hello ‘First name’”. And for good reason! They have become an industry standard and we use them without even thinking about it. To help you adopt an approach that is more warm and welcoming