11 Phenomenal Marketing Automation Tips

Marketing Automation does exactly that. It automates your marketing. We often forget that it’s supposed to streamline our marketing processes. Not replace it. Earlier in my career, I worked for Eric. He was head of sales and he needed me to compile sales data in Excel. Back then, I did not know “VLOOKUP” existed

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 impressive statistics about marketing automation

Marketing automation is simple to use, efficient and profitable! Marketing automation enables you to automatically generate leads and customers by replacing your manual and repetitive sales processes with ones that are automated and personalized for each of your contacts. Automating your marketing activities allows you to send personalized offers and communication to your leads

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Essential Tools to Deploy a Successful Marketing Automation Strategy

Marketing automation is a comprehensive solution used to attract visitors, convert them into leads and then into profitable customers for your business. In this article, we will describe the essential tools you’ll need for an effective marketing automation strategy that will certainly generate qualified leads and loyal customers. Learn how to replace your manual

Six Things to Consider When Choosing A Marketing Automation Platform

  We hear a lot about marketing automation among the trends and it’s now a buzzword in the world of marketing. There is a multitude of software available to help you automate certain recurring and time-consuming marketing activities. Each software has its own speciality. With all the offers that exist on the market, it’s

How to Create a Marketing Automation Campaign in Just 4 Easy Steps

This year, marketing automation is in vogue and is often talked about as one of the exciting new trends in the world of marketing, but what is it exactly? And how do you create a successful strategy? We will answer all your questions in this article! Additionally, since our mission is to help