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11 Phenomenal Marketing Automation Tips

Marketing Automation does exactly that. It automates your marketing. We often forget that it’s supposed to streamline our marketing processes. Not replace it. Earlier in my career, I worked for Eric. He was head of sales and he needed me to compile sales data in Excel. Back then, I did not know “VLOOKUP” existed

LeadFox launches new high-performance automation marketing tool

Today is a special day for us at LeadFox! For more than six months, we have been working on a new system to manage millions of automation requests from our customers. To support our growth, we had to work on system that was quicker, more robust, and more powerful. It has finally arrived! From

How to customize your emails

Use contact properties to humanize your emails! Autoresponders and automated emails are renowned for their impersonal nature, despite the famous “Hello ‘First name’”. And for good reason! They have become an industry standard and we use them without even thinking about it. To help you adopt an approach that is more warm and welcoming

Newsletter: 5 Tips for a Successful Message

Publishing a newsletter is not usually a fast or simple task. If you are going to put out a strong newsletter to improve your brand awareness, increase traffic and boost sales, then you need a message that really sinks in.

Newsletter: The Canadian Anti-Spam Bill C-28

Canada has had an anti-spam bill in effect for a few years now. This bill is the bane for many businesses, but it pleased many internet users. Here’s an infographic that will help you demystify this new bill in order to apply it properly if you need to launch an email campaign in Canada. For