• Landing Page: 10 Tips to Optimize Conversion

Landing Page: 10 Tips to Optimize Conversion

Your lead generation campaign is now online. You have advertisements on Facebook and Google, a landing page and even an automation ready to entice your new leads.

Your work is not yet done! The next step is to optimize your landing page to increase your conversion rate. Here are 10 tips how to do so:

1.      Focus on the Value Proposition

Your landing page must highlight a single value proposition – it should be related to what you are trying to sell. A landing page encouraging visitors to download a free version of your software should clearly state the value of this free software trial for the user (and not your brand’s value proposition…do you follow me?).

2.      Maintain a Consistent Advertising Message on the Landing Page

Think about what might bring your leads to your landing page. Will it be a Google search, a Facebook advertisement or even a link in an email? Keep consistency between your advertising message and your landing page – use the same titles, the same images and the same message. It’s all done this way in order to give the users a predictable, relevant experience.

Landing Page: 10 Tips to Optimize Conversion

In this example, there is no consistency between advertising and the page: neither the text nor the visual are alike! The visitor could feel he is at the wrong place.

3.      Use Your Customer’s Voice

Use your customer’s language. Speak clearly and simply to them, using the same words they use. Orient your text to meet their needs, desires and challenges. If possible, analyze the customer’s voice or at least ask your sales or customer service representatives for their opinions as they are often in contact with customers.

4.      “Why Buy Now?”

Our president often asks this question. Is there something on the landing page that encourages them to take advantage of the offer right now? Otherwise, your prospects may decide to come back later and then they will only forget. Add an element of urgency, like a limited-time offer or a limited place offer, etc.

5.      Create a Mobile Version

Quick, go check out your data from Google Analytics! What proportion of your visitors browse your site from a mobile device? Now, take a look at the data from your advertising platform to see what proportion of clicks on your advertisement come from a mobile device. In Canada, internet users are more likely to navigate from a mobile device than from a computer. There is a rule of thumb that about half of a site’s traffic is mobile. For advertising, if it is posted on Facebook, sometimes 100% of the traffic is from mobile users! Now you understand why it is very important for your landing to be mobile-compatible!

6.      Shorten the Form

Try to take a fresh look at your form. Is it too long? As marketers, we are often included to view forms as a way to obtain a wealth of information about your leads. The exchange must remain fair, however, so ask only for the information you absolutely need to follow up without overwhelming the lead and pushing them away. For example, maybe just one email address is sufficient enough to download an eBook. You could then collect more information about your prospect with a more qualified offer, like a free trial.

7.      Simplify the Design

Keep your design simple and functional. The graphic elements should support the landing page’s conversion objective and direct attention to the important parts of your landing page. You should be able to see the important parts of the page within 5 seconds.

8.      Increase the CTA’s Visibility

Your CTA should be visible upon first glance – use a contrasting color and give it space. The CTA should be of good size and should be easy to click on from both a computer and a mobile screen, and ensure that no other graphic elements compete with the CTA. In addition to graphics, the CTA text must encourage visitors to act now to take advantage of the offer.

9.      Establish a Relationship of Trust

Leverage your leads’ social instincts and show them that many others have already placed their trust in your company. Include testimonials from other customers or display the logos of companies that have enjoyed your services. This will establish your credibility with those leads that know you less.

10. Don’t Have a Landing Page?!?

Even a perfectly optimized landing page is another step in the lead conversion path. There are now new advertising formats that can direct users directly to conversion. For example, there are now advertisements with which you can collect your leads’ contact information from Facebook and Twitter. This is even easier for the user, since the form fields will already be pre-filled by these platforms! There are also other formats, like click-to-call advertising and formats specific to some industries to help find the nearest location or to reserve a room directly from the advertisement.


Here is the advertisement with the Facebook form in action.


These were my 10 tips to optimize your landing page conversion. Do you know of any other tips that have worked well for your campaigns?

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