• Landing Page: 10 Tips to Optimize Conversion

Landing Page: 10 Tips to Optimize Conversion

Your lead generation campaign is now online. You have advertisements on Facebook and Google, a landing page and even an automation ready to entice your new leads.

Your work is not yet done! The next step is to optimize your landing page to increase your conversion rate. Here are 10 tips how to do so:

1.      Focus on the Value Proposition

Your landing page must highlight a single value proposition – it should be related to what you are trying to sell. A landing page encouraging visitors to download a free version of your software should clearly state the value of this free software trial for the user (and not your brand’s value proposition…do you follow me?).

2.      Maintain a Consistent Advertising Message on the Landing Page

Think about what might bring your leads to your landing page. Will it be a Google search, a Facebook advertisement or even a link in an email? Keep consistency between your advertising message and your landing page – use the same titles, the same images and the same message. It’s all done this way in order to give the users a predictable, relevant experience.