11 Phenomenal Marketing Automation Tips

Marketing Automation does exactly that. It automates your marketing. We often forget that it’s supposed to streamline our marketing processes. Not replace it. Earlier in my career, I worked for Eric. He was head of sales and he needed me to compile sales data in Excel. Back then, I did not know “VLOOKUP” existed

Pop-Ups: How to Not Scare Your Visitors Away

Though pop-ups are rarely spoken of positively, there are some legitimate reasons why you might need to use them on your website. Pop-ups don't have to automatically discourage visitors; there are a few things that you can do to improve upon user experience while still committing to your design. Do You Really Need a

How to Generate Successful Conversions With Your Landing Page

A landing page is a page that has one sole purpose: to convert. It is designed to encourage the visitor to perform a specific action. However, building a successful landing page that converts requires some knowledge. At LeadFox, we follow the best practices to build landing pages. These practices depend the conversion objectives, which are

Newsletter: 5 Tips for a Successful Message

Publishing a newsletter is not usually a fast or simple task. If you are going to put out a strong newsletter to improve your brand awareness, increase traffic and boost sales, then you need a message that really sinks in.

Inbound Marketing for Beginners

If you have a business website, you have likely heard about inbound marketing. It isn’t just a buzzword marketers use, but a new way of marketing adapted to the reality of the internet! Reach your customers where they are Traditional marketing, or outbound marketing, involves randomly looking for clients by sending them advertising messages, regardless

Inbound Marketing: How to do it Quickly

Inbound marketing isn’t a mere buzzword, but a comprehensive strategy to attract and reach new customers. It involves rethinking your marketing strategy to focus on attracting people –  which is inbound rather than outbound. Just as you shouldn’t complete your business plan on the corner of a table, you shouldn’t hastily change your marketing strategy!

Landing Page: 6 Mistakes to Fix Now

A landing page should generate conversions for your business, but there are some common mistakes that can reduce your conversion rate and thus your sales performance. The good news is that they are easily correctable. Here are 6 landing page mistakes you can fix right now.

Newsletter: The Canadian Anti-Spam Bill C-28

Canada has had an anti-spam bill in effect for a few years now. This bill is the bane for many businesses, but it pleased many internet users. Here’s an infographic that will help you demystify this new bill in order to apply it properly if you need to launch an email campaign in Canada. For