Krav Maga Global Vosges

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Self defense and combat


Group classes, private classes, and coaching

With Leadfox Fit

  • Website visits generated from a landing page: 1,605
  • Open rate of emails sent to contacts: 26.98%
  • Conversion rate on landing page: 12.58%

About us

Krav Maga Global Vosges is a fitness center specializing the self-defense/combat style that is Krav Maga.

Our center was founded in 2012 by owner Julien Sassi, and now has more than 150 members. From group to private sessions, our classes are open to all levels.

Wondering how Leadfox Fit helped Krav Maga Vosges stand out and grow their business?

Here's our interview with Julien Sassi, founder and owner of Krav Maga Global Vosges

How long has your Krav Maga studio been in business and how many employees does it have? Who is in charge of marketing?

It was founded in 2012 and I have one employee. I take care of all things marketing.

How many contacts do you have in your database?

About 300.

Before Leadfox Fit

Before choosing Leadfox Fit, what were your main marketing challenges?

Before Leadfox Fit, I used MindBody, but I stopped when they increased their prices. Not only that, everything was in English.

What was your marketing/digital marketing budget?

Between 2,000 and 3,000 EUR.

Did you use any digital marketing tools (marketing automation, emails, etc.)? If so, which ones?

Just MindBody, and I took care of our social media presence.

What about these tools didn't work for you?

The MindBody pricing when it went up! After that, I gave AssoConnect a try, but it wasn't as reliable.

I used social media but had no way to get a return on investment for any marketing activities.

With Leadfox Fit

How did you hear about Leadfox Fit?

I found it while searching online. After checking out the pricing, I contacted Marc-Antoine from the customer success team and he offered a free trial. Afterwards, I picked a plan that was quite affordably priced. At  1,000/year, it was definitely in my budget!

Why were you looking for new marketing software?

I was trying to generate new leads and wanted that process to be performed and centralized in one single platform.

What was the most important factor in your search for a new marketing software solution? (price, features, etc.)

For starters, it had to be user-friendly and available in French. But the most important factors were easy access to customer support and maintaining a sense of consistency from one landing page to the next.

How long have you been using Leadfox Fit and how much time do you spend using it each week?

It's been about a year. And because I'm pretty busy throughout the day, I have scheduled routines that add up to about 5 hours per week.

How did switching to Leadfox Fit help you overcome your marketing challenges?

Thanks to Leadfox Fit's automations, I've seen great results with the campaigns I created to promote our boot camps. I was able to send emails out to my leads and clients automatically as boot camp classes approached.

Automated emails helped me establish a connection with my contacts.

What marketing tools are you using?

I'm using email a lot these days. They help me easily share my blog posts with my community.

What other marketing tactics have you implemented? (i.e. strategies, offers, tools, etc.)

I sent out a few offers, but people tend not to react directly online. Instead, they'll often just come in to the studio to claim their free trial or other offer.

In your opinion, what are the strengths of our software and why do you enjoy using it?

Its user-friendliness, for sure! I'm no marketer or IT engineer, so being able to monitor campaign performance so easily is key.

Then there's the fact that the software is very affordable, especially in comparison to the competition.

I've actually even recommended the software to other instructors.

And finally, with Leadfox Fit, you can use the graphic design of your choice and our brand identity remains 100% intact.

Did our product help improve your productivity and save you time?

Yes! The pop-up and automations are a huge time-saver. The great thing about automations is that, once set up, you can just leave them to it! They keep doing the work for you.

In a few words

Ever since Krav Maga Global Vosges started using Leadfox Fit, Julien Sassi has succeeded in generating more leads and fostering relationships in his fitness community. The user-friendliness and affordability of the software were enough to make Leadfox Fit his top choice.

What is Julien's favorite aspect?

The quick and efficient customer service in French, as well as automations, which save him a ton of time!

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