Leadfox vs Brevo
Comparing the two tools

All the software you need to grow...at a single price

With Leadfox, there’s no need to worry about additional charges, overages, or limitations on the tools you use. You have unlimited access to all the tools you need to build your client base and grow your business online, all at a single, set price.

Emails per month
Pre-configured templates
A/B Testing
Only on email
On all tools
Landing page
+ $27/month for 5
+ $13/month per user
FR/EN-language support
Email, Chat
Email, chat, and videoconference
1 page 1 user
Visual automation tree
Smart pop-up
Realistic building tool
Platform language
Data hosted in Canada
GDPR compliance
Template library
FR/EN-language support
Reply in under 5 minutes
Help getting started
Comprehensive, hands-on marketing support
(Leadfox One)

Leadfox One: The revolutionary marketing assistant that helps SMBs stay one step ahead in their marketing efforts

Leadfox One is where tech and a team of marketing professionals unite to create and deploy effective marketing tactics on your behalf!

Create full-fledged marketing campaigns to attract more customers and create more sales opportunities.
Create conversion tools to increase your web site’s conversion rate.
Create simple, yet effective and reliable sales funnels to get better results from your digital ads.
Delegate the creation of your marketing tactics to a proactive team of professionals for high-quality results.
Development of a comprehensive marketing strategy
(1 landing page, 1 pop-up, 1 automation, 3 re-engagement emails)
In-platform expert support with tactic creation
Campaign strategy-wide copywriting optimization
Tactic design fully customized for your business
Comprehensive strategy integration
Dedicated account manager
Support with importing contacts
Installation and implementation of Leadfox on your website
Performance tracking
Campaign plan for the whole year

“What I like most about Leadfox is that everything is integrated. It really is a turnkey solution. It has led to huge gains in productivity. Plus, since Leadfox’s specialists build the campaigns for me, all I have to do is make a few minor adjustments. So, like I said, huge productivity gains. I ultimately get more email addresses quickly and easily–and qualified leads, at that–which is the basis of my marketing strategy.”

― Ville de Saint-Gabriel

The software solution that helps SMBs generate more leads and sales opportunities

Professional lead capture tools that are 100% customizable so you can get tons of new potential clients in just a few, easy clicks.
State-of-the-art tools to help you consistently enhance performance using unlimited A/B testing on all our tools, which sets you up to build seamlessly on improvement after improvement.
A single platform that unites all the tools you need to grow your business at a single, affordable, and fixed rate.
500+ pre-configured templates so you can create professional campaigns quickly and efficiently without needing to hire a designer, copywriter, or web developer.
Unparalleled support from industry experts who are there to help you create successful marketing campaigns right from the start!

“What I like about Leadfox is the support and follow-up I get from their advisors and just how responsive they are. The platform is easy to use and there are so many different ways to generate clients and monitor them as time goes on. There’s also a wide selection of templates that help us create great visuals with little effort. Thank you!”

― Florian P

The ultimate, all-in-one marketing automation software for local SMBs

Leadfox is the only marketing software you’ll need to help your business grow online. Say goodbye to complicated and convoluted software with no customer support in sight.

Get access to all the tools you need to grow your online business today, all within a single, intuitive platform.

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Save time

Save time By using our library of campaign templates, you’ll save tons of time and effort creating effective, compelling campaigns.

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Save money!

Put a stop to endless invoices by using a single, powerful platform that provides all the tools your team needs at a single, set price!

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Get results

Get more customers with ease using intuitive, effective, and state-of-the-art tools!

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Because you’ll receive unlimited access to all our tools, there’s no limit to how much your business can grow! After all, why limit your business growth with limited-access tools?

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Enjoy peace of mind

Our team is here to help and to ensure you have all the tools and knowledge you need to succeed!

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