Leadfox customer success stories

What makes Leadfox great? It's our thousands of users located in more than 100 countries. It's our team of dedicated experts who take our customers’ success to heart. And last but certainly not least, it's the hundreds of SMBs and agencies who are transforming their online visibility into contacts and customers every single day! 

SMB Success Stories


437% more prospective customers in 3 years

Club Tissus

practically DOUBLED their contacts and prospective customers in 1 year


Time efficiency increased by 50% in the last 2 years


$50,000 in sales with a single email prospecting campaign!

VillaVilla Expérience

+4500 new contacts thanks to a contest that converts 95%!


+45% increase in sales in one year


Time savings of 50% over the last 2 years

Girouard Équipement

In 2 times less hours, Girouard Équipement was able to obtain 17 leads that converted into a sale of several thousand dollars.

Crème que t'es belle

More than 2450 potential customers in less than 3 months with simple competition campaigns!


Skineance boosts his sales 10 times over and doubles his revenue with a single Leadfox One campaign!

Malard Distribution

Over 8,000 contacts in 30 days with a single contest campaign

Agency Success Stories

Agence 3 Sphères

8 new sales funnel contracts in 10 months

Agence ADG

90% of clients have renewed their contracts in the past 5 years

Calypso Marketing

40,000+ contacts generated from scratch

WSI Marseille

20% to 30% of clientele generated thanks to Leadfox

Agence SXB

It allowed me to have a nice full room to myself!

Financial advisor success stories

PWL Capital

Our data is securely hosted
in Canada

Industrielle Alliance

135 leads in less than 1 month for Nathalie

Jean-Christophe Houde

Triples his revenue and drastically reduces his cost per lead with the help of Leadfox One

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Sure, you can go it alone on your Leadfox journey...But having unparalleled marketing and technical support makes it so much easier!

Leadfox customer success stories

« What I like about Leadfox is the follow-up I get from their advisors and just how responsive and available they are. The platform is easy to use and there are so many different ways to generate clients and track them as time goes on.»

- Clubimmoprivé
Leadfox customer success stories

« What really won me over was their customer care: I took a 30-minute training every day for a week so I could write up my first email. I still enjoy taking their training courses to this day. They are truly exceptional.»

- FPC Sud-Ouest
Leadfox customer success stories

« We had help getting started with the software from day one. Leadfox even helped me create my first few tactics over screen share so I could do it on my own while still receiving support. As I create new ones, I can ask for their advice.»

- Whole Pear

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Leadfox reviews
on G2

« Efficient! User-friendly automation tool!... Straightforward, precise, and easy! »

« Amazing marketing automation software for small and mid org!»

Examples of successful marketing strategies

Promoting a free
Leadfox customer success stories

+20,000 potential clients generated from this consultation offer template.

Promoting a free
Leadfox customer success stories

47% of visitors to a sweepstakes offer chose to participate.

Promoting a free
training session
Leadfox customer success stories

4,700 contacts generated and 58% of visitors to this page registered for the event.

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Leadfox customer success storiesLeadfox customer success storiesLeadfox customer success storiesLeadfox customer success storiesLeadfox customer success storiesLeadfox customer success storiesLeadfox customer success storiesLeadfox customer success stories

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