Leadfox vs Mailchimp
Comparing the two tools

The ultimate professional tool to help you take your marketing to the next level

With Leadfox’s template library, state-of-the-art automations, unlimited A/B testing, and proactive customer support in both English and French, you’ll be well on your way to leveling up your marketing strategy with expert support every step of the way!

Emails per month
Pre-configured templates
Automation diagram
A/B Testing
Limited to
FR/EN-language support
Email, chat, and videoconference
Email, Chat
(Potential discount when billed annually)
Monthly billing only

*Number of distinct email addresses in Leadfox
**The same contact, if present in 2 lists, counts as 2 contacts.

Visual automation tree
Realistic building tool
Platform language
Data hosted in Canada
Template library
FR/EN-language support
Reply in under 10 minutes
Help getting started
Comprehensive, hands-on marketing support
(Leadfox One)

Leadfox One: The revolutionary marketing assistant that helps SMBs stay one step ahead in their marketing efforts

Leadfox One is where tech and a team of marketing professionals unite to create and deploy effective marketing tactics on your behalf!

Create full-fledged marketing campaigns to attract more customers and create more sales opportunities.
Create conversion tools to increase your web site’s conversion rate.
Create simple, yet effective and reliable sales funnels to get better results from your digital ads.
Delegate the creation of your marketing tactics to a proactive team of professionals for high-quality results.
Development of a comprehensive marketing strategy
(1 landing page, 1 pop-up, 1 automation, 3 re-engagement emails)
In-platform expert support with tactic creation
Campaign strategy-wide copywriting optimization
Tactic design fully customized for your business
Comprehensive strategy integration
Dedicated account manager
Support with importing contacts
Installation and implementation of Leadfox on your website
Performance tracking
Campaign plan for the whole year

“The email builder works really well. It's very rare that we see any visual differences between what we created in the tool and the live result. It’s very reliable! This tool and the others like it that we use make it so easy. Compared to WordPress, Mailchimp, and Squarespace, Leadfox is so much simpler and more efficient and accurate."

― PWL Capital

The software solution that helps SMBs generate more leads and sales opportunities

Professional lead capture tools that are 100% customizable so you can get tons of new potential clients in just a few, easy clicks.
Stylish newsletters ready-made to help your business stand out like never before in the eyes of a growing list of subscribers.
State-of-the-art and intuitive email automation system so you can save valuable time by automating your follow-up emails.
500+ pre-configured templates so you can create professional campaigns quickly and efficiently without needing to hire a designer, copywriter, or web developer.
Unparalleled support from industry experts to help you create successful marketing campaigns right from the start!

“We were working in Mailchimp to create monthly newsletters for a client, but then a new project came up where we needed to create a sales funnel to help them drive sales. But because Mailchimp’s sales funnel tools were somewhat difficult to use, we got them started with Leadfox instead. The goal was to show them a tool that was more advanced than what they could get with Mailchimp.”

― 3 Sphères Communications

The ultimate, all-in-one marketing automation software for local SMBs

Leadfox is the only marketing software you’ll need to help your business grow online. Say goodbye to complicated and convoluted software with no customer support in sight.

Get access to all the tools you need to grow your online business today, all within a single, intuitive platform.

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Save time

Delegate the creation of your marketing tactics

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Save money!

Delegate the creation of your marketing tactics

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Get results

Get all the essential marketing tools

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Boost your marketing efforts and get better results

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Enjoy peace of mind

Our team is there to offer suggestions and help you deploytactics over the course of 1 year

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