Our work culture makes all the difference

We work differently

Beer on Fridays to celebrate the week’s accomplishments

Exciting team-building activities for a solid, tight-knit group

Video games available for breaks when between projects

A relaxed atmosphere. Suit and tie not recommended.

Free, all-you-can-drink coffee! Yeah!

Flexible hours to help maintain work-life balance.

We’re fueled by innovation and caffeine!

One of our biggest factors for success is our capacity for continuous innovation, which allows us to offer the best product to our customers. Coffee in hand, we are driven by and share our initiative, ambition, and boldness every single day.

We value everyone’s opinion

At LeadFox, our leaders are accessible and practice and encourage a leadership style that fosters inclusion and participation. That means that we take into account everyone’s ideas. For example, strategic direction for each department is discussed and decided amongst all employees during a company retreat.

Strong Values Chosen by Our Employees

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