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Boost sales and save time with the latest version of our digital marketing assistant

The only solution that combines the power of AI and the expertise of a team of marketing professionals to create your marketing strategies...and for a fraction of the price!

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Revolutionize your marketing and save time

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A new, high-performance system

Generate leads, grow your clientele, and foster customer loyalty

Sauvez du temps
5 times more tactics now available

Promotion, sweepstakes, conversion funnel, marketing offers, newsletters, and much more.

Leadfox One
50% cheaper

Leadfox One Essential is available at just half the cost of the previous version.

Leadfox One
Annual strategic planning

Leadfox One takes care of campaign creation for you all year long

The Leadfox system

Generate leads, grow your clientele, and foster customer loyalty
The Leadfox System to generate leads, grow your clientele, and foster customer loyalty
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Leadfox One is like having a complete team of marketing
experts for a fraction of the cost...it’d be crazy to pass it up!

5X more powerful, 2x more affordable

Leadfox One Essential

6 credits/year package
Leadfox One Essential pricing for 6 months

Leadfox One Pro

12 credits/year package
Leadfox One Pro pricing for 6 months
Leadfox One Pro pricing for a year

These clients saw remarkable results using
the Leadfox One digital marketing assistant

Girouard Équipement

Girouard Equipment was able to obtain 17 leads, thereby generating several thousands of dollars in sales, and in half the time.


$50,000 in sales from just one email lead gen campaign!

VillaVilla Expérience

More than 4,500 contacts gained from a contest that had a 95% conversion rate!


More than 45% increase in revenue in one year

Our digital marketing assistant was created to solve all these challenges!

  • Not enough time?
  • Not enough marketing staff?
  • Not sure which tactic to use?

« Leadfox helped me reach my target market quickly and easily. In just 2 months, I got 10x more contacts than I had been getting from the newsletter sign-up form on my website. I now have a quality email list that I can communicate with efficiently. Leadfox fast-tracked and simplified my online sales tools.»


A team of professionals dedicated to your success

  • Designer
  • Marketer
  • Web Developer
  • Copywriter
Leadfox one

Launching a successful marketing campaign
has never been so quick and easy

Transformez vos visiteurs en clients payants grâce au marketing automatisé
Leadfox one

Examples of campaigns Leadfox One can create for you.

  • Launch-ready campaigns
  • Email campaigns
  • Marketing offers
  • Pop-up with form
  • And much more

Hundreds of SMBs in 100 countries trust Leadfox

Leadfox oneLeadfox oneLeadfox oneLeadfox oneLeadfox one

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