Transform your visitors into customers thanks to marketing automation

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Fully automate your marketing processes

Create automation scripts with ease in order to acquire contacts, warm up cold leads, and automatically generate sales. Here's a concrete example:

And Voilà! Manual and repetitive sales tasks are a thing of the past!

Outshine the competition with marketing automation

451% more

…qualified leads generated by businesses that have incorporated marketing automation

( The Annuitas Group )

63% more

Businesses outperform their competitors thanks to marketing automation

( The Lenskold Group )

Automate all of your
tools with ease

The unique visual automation module is fully integrated with each of our tools (pop-ups, banners, forms, landing pages, email, etc.).

Now you can create full automation scripts in minutes flat!

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Send the right message,
at the right time

All good communication in marketing is centered around sending the right message to the right person at the right time. Create powerful, customized sales funnels according to your leads' actions and profiles. Examples of conditions:

  • Submitting a form
  • Opening an email
  • Life cycle completion
  • Subscribing to a list
  • Contact profiling
  • Visiting a webpage
  • And much more…
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Create all sorts
of automations

Use marketing automation to manage all of your outbound communication and engage with your contacts:

  • Welcome and follow-up messages
  • Advanced sales funnel
  • Conversion funnel
  • Thank you email
  • Follow-up emails after offer downloads
  • Customer loyalty message
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Track your results
in real-time

Check out the results of your automation scripts in real-time and analyze your performance. Optimize your performance by creating A/B tests for your emails in just a few seconds

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« LeadFox is a great tool for marketing automation campaigns. The automation workflow is particularly powerful, fully customizable and easy to use. We started our email automation in less than 15 minutes and the results are amazing! »

Philippe, CEO of MesBobettes

All marketing automation features

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Visual editor

Automated campaigns

Performance reports

Real-time data


Automation of all tools


List segmentation

Adding customized fields

Main actions and conditions

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Submitting a form

Subscribing to a list

Opening an email

Clicking on a link

Visiting a web page

Fast uploading

Life cycle completion


Customized attributes

Sociodemographic attributes

Behavioral attributes

Completing a purchase

Free guide to
Simple, cost-effective marketing automation

Now a must for all small and medium-sized businesses, you too can deploy this strategy and demystify the process of marketing automation.

  • Understand marketing automation
  • Discover the key tools of marketing automation
  • Create a simple campaign using best practices
  • Read three real and incredible case studies
  • Optimize your campaigns
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