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Your website’s conversion rate is underwhelming

Phillippe Vachon, owner of MesBobettes, was tired of spending money on ads on advertising platforms (Facebook and Google) only to see the majority of visitors leave his website without buying anything. It was as if 95% of his marketing efforts had been in vain!

He therefore decided to add lead capture tools (pop-up, form, landing page) to his website to generate more sales leads and, consequently, relaunch them via his newsletter while keeping costs low.

After multiple searches, he was pleasantly surprised to find out that he could get a single and affordable, all-in-one software solution to manage all of his online marketing, namely LeadFox.

The results were rapid and conclusive!

‘’We have doubled our leads after using it for just 2 months. Very easy to use, I love it!”

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Your marketing software is complicated and costly

Jessica E. Thiele, Marketing Director at VL, was getting more and more frustrated with HubSpot’s complicated features and lacking customer service. Her team was spending more time trying to figure out how to deploy their marketing strategies in HubSpot than improving their overall performance. It was much too inflexible!

“Then I found LeadFox. Its simplicity and functionality just blow me away. Its interface and logistics are vastly different from what you find in other solutions–they work so much better!”

“After just 20 minutes of training, I was already able to use the platform.”

After their migration to LeadFox, VL has made some major advances:

  • VL finally has full control over its automation workflows.
  • The team swears that their landing pages are better than ever.
  • The team no longer spends hours trying to deploy a strategy, like they did with HubSpot!
  • Thousands of dollars saved in software costs.
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You’re seeking the best marketing automation strategies

Liette Senay, owner of Boutique Luminaire, was looking for efficient sales strategies for her company when she discovered LeadFox.

She found that, unlike many competing software solutions, LeadFox offers relevant and clear resources and a customer service team with a very helpful attitude, all available in her native language.

With this help, she was able to learn the software tools quickly, build her own strategy, and set up her own campaigns.

A surprising result for a smaller investment: This campaign has achieved more results, like no other campaign before!

“LeadFox helped me understand marketing and make great strides. The response has been excellent and the campaign has generated a considerable client base.”

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