5 Incredible Case Studies About Marketing Automation

To demonstrate marketing automation’s effectiveness and profitability, here are 5 incredible case studies in which marketing automation made a major difference in various kinds of campaigns.

1- Virtual Logistics

Vitual logistics logo

 Virtual Logistics is a Canadian company, and one of the main providers of data and technology integration service providers. Their products are used by companies requiring interconnectivity. In business for 20 years, Virtual Logistics has developed an OmniChannel data integration platform and has become the most popular service provider in its industry.

By using marketing automation, the company was able to make major gains in efficiency and agility.VL finally has full control over its automated marketing flow. The company now has efficient and sophisticated automations and has done so in very little time.

  • A tenfold gain for the company!

The team says that its landing pages are better than ever. They are now compatible with all platforms and all screen sizes.

  • There are infinite landing page possibilities that are as flexible as Photoshop.


2- Paper Style

paper style logo

Paper style is an ecommerce specializing in personalized products such as greeting cards and invitations. The company has a multitude of templates, designs and customized, personalized service.

The company used marketing automation to better target its consumers and to send them personalized emails related to their offers.

Here are a few results:

  • 244% increase in the opening rate
  • 330% increase in revenues because of automated emails
  • 161% increase in the click rate

For a total of a 330% increase in company revenues because of marketing automation!

3-  McAfee

McAfee is a software publisher originally known for its McAfee anti-virus software. The company provides proven, comprehensive solutions and services for network and systems security all over the world.

Thanks to marketing automation, McAfee quadrupled its conversion rate and generated more qualified leads for its sales team by segmenting the customers and giving them the right information at the right time during the buying process.Thus, implementing marketing automation resulted in:

  • A reduced number of leads generated, but their quality clearly-improved.
  • Since the leads were better qualified, the conversion rate quadrupled.
  • Significantly improved alignment between the sales department and the marketing department.


4- Thomson Reuters  

Thomson Reuters is a Canadian and British media agency and primarily a professional, financial and legal publishing company that is known all over the world.

Thomson Reuters is another example of a company that has used marketing automation to improve its email campaigns.

Sending mass emails generated a large number of leads, but they weren’t always good quality. Automated marketing technology enabled Thomson Reuters to reorient its sales and marketing teams, and improve its customer segmentation and targeting.

After using marketing automation:

  • The number of leads sent to sales increased by 23%.
  • Conversion time increased by 72%, so the leads were converting much more quickly.
  • Revenues attributed to marketing increased by 175%.


5- Barack Obama’s 2012 Presidential Campaign

Even the former United States President used marketing automation!

By automating his volunteer platform and capturing information such as their zip codes, physical addresses and a valid email address, the Obama team was able to quickly contact key volunteers who could truly help with parts of his campaign. The results were remarkable due to efficiently qualifying potential volunteers and by passing over those who were not qualified. Moreover, Barack Obama was reelected for a second term.

And now, what are you waiting for? It’s your turn to become a success story with the help of marketing automation!

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