• 10 Essential Tools to Deploy a Successful Marketing Automation Strategy

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Essential Tools to Deploy a Successful Marketing Automation Strategy

Marketing automation is a comprehensive solution used to attract visitors, convert them into leads and then into profitable customers for your business.

In this article, we will describe the essential tools you’ll need for an effective marketing automation strategy that will certainly generate qualified leads and loyal customers.

Learn how to replace your manual and repetitive processes with an automatic solution that will help you save time and money and increase your effectiveness!

Here are the 10 essential tools that you’ll need to be successful:

  1. Intelligent pop-up builder and manager
  2. Landing page builder and manager
  3. Web banner builder and manager
  4. Form builder and manager
  5. Email builder and manager
  6. Automated email with conditions builder and manager
  7. Integrated dashboard
  8. Detailed reports (with key performance indicators)
  9. A/B test tool
  10. CRM


Leads Capture Tools: The Intelligent Pop-Up Builder and Manager, the Landing Page Builder and Manager, the Web Banner Builder and Manager, and the Form Builder and Manager

These tools are designed to generate contacts and leads. The can be used to acquire, retain and qualify new customers. When placed strategically on your website, they can collect information about your leads.

Conversion Tools: The Email Builder and Manager and the Automated Email with Conditions Builder and Manager

Now that you have captured new leads, these tools are used to convert your leads into paying customers. They help convert and retain your customers by sending the right message to the right person at the right time. You can therefore create personalized offers and communications for each customer based on their progress in your sales funnel.

Measuring and Optimization Tools: The Integrated Dashboard, Detailed Reports (with Key Performance Indicators), the A/B test tool, and CRM

These tools are put into place to analyze, optimize, and of course, to perform! Additionally, these tools can measure your campaigns to give you a clear picture of your return on investment and how well each action performs.

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Some solutions on the market specialize in one or more of these tools, but few include all of them in the same software, especially not at an affordable price!

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