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5 Incredible Case Studies About Marketing Automation


To demonstrate marketing automation’s effectiveness and profitability, here are 5 incredible case studies in which marketing automation made a major difference in various kinds of campaigns.

1- Virtual Logistics Vitual logistics logo


Virtual Logistics is a Canadian company, and one of the main providers of data and technology integration service providers. Their products are used by companies requiring interconnectivity. In business for 20 years, Virtual Logistics has developed an OmniChannel data integration platform and has become the most popular service provider in its industry.

By using marketing automation, the company was able to make major gains in efficiency and agility.

VL finally has full control over its automated marketing flow. The company now has efficient and sophisticated automations and has done so in very little time.

  • A tenfold gain for the company!

The team says that its landing pages are better than ever. They are now compatible with all platforms and all screen sizes.

  • There are infinite landing page possibilities that are as flexible as Photoshop.


2- Paper