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LeadFox launches new high-performance automation marketing tool

Today is a special day for us at LeadFox! For more than six months, we have been working on a new system to manage millions of automation requests from our customers. To support our growth, we had to work on system that was quicker, more robust, and more powerful. It has finally arrived!

From now on, all of LeadFox’s current and future customers will benefit from the new automation system. We have added some new features and improvements:

1. View Contact Progress During Automation

You can now see your contacts’ progress in an automation! You can see how many people are at each decision node and see their progression. This will give you a more detailed idea of your automation’s progress and performance.


marketing automation reports


2. Property as a Starting Rule

In the past, you could only choose one specific piece of a contact’s information to use as a condition in an automation. Now you can choose this condition as a starting rule. You can now choose any piece of contact information to include in your automation. For example, if you choose a “sport” field that equals “football”, anyone with football as a sport will enter into the automation immediately. Of course you can use many content options, such as: “is equal to”, “is not equal to”, “ends with”, “contains”, “is larger than”, etc. You will then be able to create smart lists and automations that are much more accurate!

Contact property marketing automation

3. Add a Delivery Time Option to Automated Email

Before, when you sent an automated email, the delivery time could change depending on when the contact entered, the number of hours waited, etc. You can now choose a precise time to send an automated email, to leverage the ideal time for your emails to be opened! This function is optional, of course.

when send email marketing automation

4. Security Options

Many users (myself included!) sometimes make mistakes in an automation by removing the nodes a little too quickly. This is why we have integrated some safety “features” when modifying an automation. Currently, it is impossible to modify an automation when it is activated, so you must pause your automation to make your modifications.

Now, you will be unable to remove a node in an automation after it has been activated. Of course, you can add new nodes and modify the options and content within them only when the automation is inactive.

These limitations were applied to create and modify automations more securely in order to reduce the margin of error 🙂

5. Duplicate Automations

You can now duplicate your automations easily! Even though you can create an automation in LeadFox in only a few minutes, you can now duplicate a more complex automation from the list of automations that you have built in order to build a new one! And automation templates will soon be forthcoming 🙂

duplicate marketing automation6. As a bonus: Add and switch Conditions

When you add and configure your conditions, there is now a little “switch” icon that enables you to easily choose whether or not the automation steps must meet the condition 😉

switch marketing automation conditions
You now know everything about the new version of LeadFox’s automation software! We will continue to add many other features and make improvements to the application in the future, but we strongly hope you enjoy this new rendition:)

Thank you to the entire LeadFox team for this wonderful version that will improve your performance for sure!

Good conversion!

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