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Discover the 20 best landing pages!

We see a multitude of articles on various blogs talking about landing pages, from its definition to how to create one. However, it is not always easy to have some inspiration when designing an attractive landing page that converts.

Here are the 20 best landing pages that will surely inspire you! Most importantly, you will understand why they are so effective.

1. Google Cloud Platform

exemple landing page

Here we see a harmonious design and a call to action that stands out by using a color. This makes the page appealing and encourages action. The value of the offer is also clearly highlighted which helps to understand the advantages offered by the product.

2. AdEspresso University

exemple landing page

It is clear that using icons as well as a playful character attracts the eye and the attention of the visitor. This page depicts the problem very well and offers a solution in exchange, which proves to be effective.

3. Autopilot

exemple landing page

The use of credible elements and incentives are the most attractive points on this page. For example, the title evokes impressive facts and figures that immediately spark curiosity and interest. The result: we want to know more! Beyond the orange call to action that attracts the eye and the motivational and original “Save my spot ” text, the fact that the offer is limited sets up an urgency that prompts a person to reserve a spot right away.

4. Dreamforce

exemple landing page

The most effective element in this page is the use of the form. The offer to sign up to win is the feature that stands out the most on the page. After that are the detailed prices which make you want to fill out the form to receive the offer. This is an effective technique. However, because of the facts that using too many different colors can be annoying to look at and that the elements could have been laid out better on the page, there is room for optimization.

5. Dropbox

landing page dropbox

Here is a good example of a simple but effective landing page. The headline is appealing to visitors since a question is directly asked to them. There is an offer for a free trial of the software and the display of well-known companies that use the software reinforces the notoriety of the company.

6. FitnessSingles

exemple landing page


The image is attractive and represents the concept very well. By illustrating people who jog and by using the color red that symbolizes love, we understand the concept right away. Adding elements of credibility by citing the Times and USA today, well-known media outlets where the application would have been mentioned, suggests that the application is popular and prompts people to try it.

7. HubSpot

landing page exemple

This HubSpot landing page is very concise and refined. It only shows the offer as well as essential elements like the product, the fact that it’s free and the form to fill out to benefit from the offer. It’s simple, but effective. Note that there is no other distraction on the page for the visitor and that all content is offer-related, which maximizes conversions.

8. Online Marketing Classroom

landing page exemple

This page presents several best practices. There is an image of the product, which makes the offer tangible. In addition, the very enticing red title that stands out, which, with supporting figures, makes the offer tempting. On the page, key points are detailed in the form of a checklist and the added quote becomes an element of credibility. The call to action is also emphasized very well.

9. Microsoft

exemple landing page

In this landing page, the visual is attractive and the problematic as well as the solution are well explained. However, many elements should be optimized and others are simply missing. For example, it is hard to recognize the Microsoft page since neither the logo nor the name are present on the page. Also, an image of the offer could have been included and the call to action could have been further enhanced. Even if the information is relevant, there is still a lot of text.

10. Midas Marketing

exemple de landing page

Here is a landing page with a title that captures the eye and does not go unnoticed. There is also an offer for an inbound marketing e-book, a marketing theory rather popular in recent years. The page explains the subjects covered in the guide, presents the product and has a form that does not require a lot of information. These are all good practices to encourage downloads.

11. Moz

exemple landing page

The Moz landing page is very attractive visually. The product and its features are well presented with an image and some icons. The call to action is emphasized and stands out with its yellow color and enticing text, which is a very good way to make this famous button a good conversion element.

12. Nutanix

exemple landing page

In this landing page, a report is offered, the content is well presented and the title captures the attention. Using bold characters that highlight keywords and a checklist that summarizes the key points of the report is a good tactic to sum up the content. All those elements offer a good readability. The form is well developed, although it could ask less information. It would have been interesting to add an image of the offered product.

13. PayPal

exemple landing page

In this PayPal landing page, there is an e-book offer. Conversion elements such as the form and the call to action are used very well. However, the image could have been larger and positioned better on the page. As for the description of the key points of the e-book, they could have been highlighted a bit more.

14. PayPlug

exemple landing page

This page is a very good example of an optimal landing page. First, the background image has a very nice effect and brings out the other elements of the page, especially the title, the form and the call to action. The incentive nature of the title shows that time isn’t an issue since it is simple and fast to install the solution.

15. Shopify

exemple landing page

Personally, I really like this Shopify landing page. The slogan catches the reader’s attention and prompts him or her to click on the very distinguishable action button. The design is sleek and the colors are well chosen. Simple, concise and effective!

16. Shopify

exemple landing page

Here is another Shopify landing page, which has some similarities with the previous one: the style is sleek, the title is catchy and highlighted, and the call to action is appealing with its green color. The only thing they ask for is an email address in order to test the application. On the other hand, it might have been better to remove external links, like the blog, to ensure that the visitor stays focused on the offer rather than being tempted to navigate to other pages.

17. Uber

landing page exemple

The image of the Uber landing page was well selected since it gives a human side to the company and catches the eye. The form covering a section of the image stands out. The design of this page was successfully done.

18. WordStream

exemple landing page

It is always interesting to use analogies in marketing and this one is particularly well done by paralleling a chess strategy and a keywords strategy in order to gain web referencing. The concept and the colors are harmonized very well. Orange, just like green, is a good color for a call to action since it attracts the eye in a positive way.

19. Alexa

exemple landing page

This landing page is effective because it presents the product and its benefits. Using the image of the product is effective since it shows how the software works. The subtitles Improve Results, Save Time, Get Advice motivate the visitor to test trial the product.

20. LeadFox

exemple landing page

Here is the magnificent LeadFox landing page. It is effective because it shows the product and its benefits, and the text is short and concise to improve readability. We attract the visitor’s attention by using the subtitle Want to increase your sales and leads?. The form and the call to action are highlighted with a beautiful design. Finally, the emphasis is on the fact that it’s free.

I hope that all these various examples will inspire you to create beautiful and effective landing pages that will undoubtedly convert your visitors. For more information on best practices for designing your landing page, click here!

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