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How to Generate Successful Conversions With Your Landing Page

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A landing page is a page that has one sole purpose: to convert. It is designed to encourage the visitor to perform a specific action.

However, building a successful landing page that converts requires some knowledge. At LeadFox, we follow the best practices to build landing pages. These practices depend the conversion objectives, which are to generate sales and generate leads.


Define Your Objectives: What is Your Landing Page’s Primary Function?

Most of the time, the landing page is implemented to achieve two primary objectives, which are: to increase sales or to generate leads. In both cases, the landing page enables you to increase your conversion rate and therefore your visitors become leads, then customers.


Defining the Right Offer: What Do You Want to Offer to Your Lead?

It is important to provide only a single offer in order to capture the visitor’s interest as best possible. If you have multiple offers, your lead may no longer know which way to turn and your landing page will not be successful converting them. This is why every single offer appearing on your website must have its own, unique landing page.

The question you must ask yourself is: How does your offer provide added value to your lead?


Know How to Provide an Offer on Your Landing Page That Will Increase Sales

To grow your sales, you must promote an offer that will incite your visitor to make a purchase. You must persuade the lead to try or buy your product. To do so, you can present the product to them and offer a benefit like a promotional offer, a gift card, a discount coupon or a free trial. Your visitor will feel like they have something to gain and will be more inclined to purchase.

landing page conversions leadfox


On this landing page, a free trial is offered to help you learn the software and to incite people to try it. This is a powerful sales tactic as people can learn how to use your product for a limited time, and then you can contact them afterward and engage them much more easily. As they say, trying it is adopting it!


How to Generate New Leads with a Landing Page

A landing page is a powerful tool to collect new leads. Basically, it enables you to collect information about your leads in exchange from some value in return.

To acquire new leads, such as getting people to download your new eBook, subscribe to your blog or signed up to receive your newsletters, you must create content that satisfies their needs. To do this, put yourself into your ideal customer’s shoes and identify their problems and challenges to overcome.

landing page conversions leadfox

landing page conversions leadfox


A free eBook is offered on this landing page as an added value. Additionally, a profile on the eBook’s author summarizes his expertise and his experience, which adds credibility in the readers’ eyes. Lastly, the book is filled with relevant information about your ideal customer’s needs. The result is that you have positioned yourself as an expert and the customer will be more inclined to do business with you!


Stay in Touch With Your Leads and Thank Them

Of course, once your visitor has taken the step to respond positively to your offer, you can now establish a relationship with them by sending them emails or special offers. At the end of the day, if your potential customer has responded to your offer, it’s because you’re offering a solution to their problem. They then move further along in the sales funnel. Last, but not least, don’t forget to complete the transaction with a thank-you page.

The winning recipe is to make your page simple, yet engaging. If you want to know everything about building a landing page that converts, you can find it all here.

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