• Why Isn't Your Landing Page Converting?

Why Isn’t Your Landing Page Converting Properly?

An ineffective landing page can quickly tank even the most well-crafted marketing campaigns. Landing pages are the final hurdle for a company to clear: once you have gotten a visitor on your website, you have only one chance to get them to commit. But trying to figure out why your landing page simply isn’t resonating for your users can be a project in itself.

Is Your Landing Page Customized?

A proper marketing campaign will have a large number of landing pages. Each individual landing page will need to be tracked — such as through the use of LeadFox’s engagement tracking features. Landing pages are intended to speak directly to your audience. Consequently, they need to be tailored to each of your individual demographics.

Ideally, you should be creating a set of buyer personas that best speak to your core audience. From there, you should be generating marketing campaigns and landing pages that are personalized for them.

Does Your Landing Page Have a Clear Call-to-Action? call to action

Your users aren’t as familiar with your product and service offerings as you are. Though they may be left with a clear idea regarding the problems that your product can solve, they ma still be unclear regarding their next step. Every landing page needs to have an extremely clear call-to-action: it should clearly and concisely tell the consumer exactly what they should do next.

A call-to-action doesn’t necessarily have to mean making a sale. A call-to-action can simply be a point of contact — such as calling in for more information. Frequently, landing pages simply collect email addresses and other contact information as their call-to-action. Very often, having a less intimidating call-to-action will actually be beneficial. Far more users are willing to contact company about a service than to purchase the service immediately.

Are Users Bouncing From Your Landing Page?

If users are “bouncing” from your landing page, they aren’t staying long enough for your content and call-to-action to make a difference. Your web statistics will show the number of users that are bouncing away from your page. Bounce rates are incredibly important as diagnostic tools.user bouncing

When users bounce away from a landing page, it’s often because they weren’t expecting to get a page with that content. They may have clicked on a misleading link or they might simply have returned an inappropriate search result. Either way, it becomes your responsibility to determine why the page isn’t relevant to the users landing on it. It may very well be hat your advertising is somehow giving them the incorrect perception of what your product truly is.

Have All Potential Technical Issues Been Resolved?

High bounce rates can also have one other cause: technical issues. In general, auto-playing video and high resolution images can potentially hold a landing page back. Many users abhor auto-playing videos, pop-ups, and other forms of intrusive technology. When faced with them, they may simply close the window.

A slow-loading page could also lead to page abandonment, even if the user is interested in your end product. To improve upon loading times, you should reduce your file sizes and avoid linking large files.

Are There Hidden Fees or Terms?

Even users who are interested in converting will often hesitate if something unexpected occurs. A user who is intending to make a purchase could potentially back out of that purchase if the shipping costs are too high. Similarly, a user who is about to give their email address to a website may hesitate when they see that the website is going to send periodic newsletters to that email address.

Being as upfront as possible regarding costs and fees is the best way for your business to avoid this common issue. Statistics will reveal whether or not this is a problem; users may get to a final confirmation page just before conversion and then close the site.

Have You Conducted Proper A/B Testing? a/b test

A/B testing ( split testing) is one of the most reliable methods of drilling down to an effective marketing strategy. It isn’t always possible to predict how successful a campaign will be, especially in relation to other strategies. Through A/B testing, a company can run multiple advertising campaigns (such as an “A” campaign and a “B” campaign) and determine which is most successful. By conducting many A/B tests, the company can test out dozens of strategies to find the most successful one.

LeadFox can be used to automatically analyze the results of your A/B testing. Through this analysis, you can gain actionable conclusions regarding the best conversion tactics for your audience.

As long as your landing page is clear and direct, it should be effective. Most landing pages fail to convert simply because they don’t give their audience enough information or direction. By conducting testing and continually refining your site, you should be able to lock down conversions in this vital step of your marketing process.

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