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LeadFox 1.5: Introducing the Conversion Catalyst that Opens LeadFox up to a World of Endless Possibilities

Update 1.5 is here! This great leap into a world of infinite possibilities is just the first of many bounds LeadFox 1.5 will make in the coming months. A catalyst is an element that, once added to a system, accelerates, facilitates, and fosters a reaction. In our case, we’re aiming for conversion. And 1.5 pushes the boundaries like never before.

In order to give you a thorough overview of this update, the aim of this article is to present the most important element of patch 1.5: the arrival of Zapier.

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For those who aren’t yet familiar with this web application, Zapier makes communication between all applications possible, once they have been linked up to it. In other words, it serves as a middle-man in the world of apps.

To give you a better idea of what this entails, we’ve decided to draw up a list of applications that will now be accessible via Zapier. And when we say accessible, we mean that this makes direct communication and automation possible. This also means that you can create, edit, and delete data using preconfigured “zaps”.

For example, if a contact fills out a form on a LeadFox 1.5 landing page, you can have an appointment set up automatically in Google Calendar to remind you to follow up later.


As you might imagine, Zapier is our new conversion partner.

It serves as a catalyst for your conversions. It grants you access to interactions that were previously inaccessible.  This new alliance fosters the creation of any and all integrations you’ve ever wanted with the majority of apps that are available on the market. And the list goes on and on…

The possibilities truly are endless (more than 750 applications integrated at the latest count). But to make your life easier, we’ve categorized the applications that are relevant to LeadFox users. There are 6 categories in total:

  1. Advertising Networks
  2. Calendars
  3. Ecommerce
  4. Customer Service
  5. CRM
  6. Project Management

Another thing : our integration is by invitation-only. So grab .

1. Advertising Networks

The majority of large advertising networks (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Bing, etc.) are connected to Zapier.

And this leads to new possibilities: you can now add subscribers to your LeadFox 1.5 lists as soon as they fill out a form on one of these platforms. You can then configure automations to send welcome and sales emails.

We have an in-depth guide on how to use Zapier to publish ads with Facebook Lead Ads Forms.

You can now create all sorts of ads, and since the users won’t have to leave the advertisement platform, your conversion rates will increase.

2. Calendar

Calendar tools make up the second category. Calendly or Google Calendar are examples of this. As mentioned above, you can now set up appointments automatically as soon as a lead is converted with a form.

You can also create or edit subscribers in your lists when a visitor schedules an appointment with you using one of these applications.

The result: smart time management and contact list management.

3. Ecommerce

All businessmen and women with an ecommerce website will surely appreciate this.

Zapier’s arrival makes monetary transactions easier without compromising security.

You can now send information along to your payment services personnel for accurate payment tracking. This also allows you to recontact customers to remind them to make a payment, or for future upselling purposes

4. Customer Service

The fourth category encompasses all of the applications that pertain to customer service and satisfaction. For example, you can now create automations linked to tags on Intercom. You can also follow up on technical issues via Facebook Messenger. All of this occurs automatically via pre-established guidelines.

This category is particularly powerful when it comes to motivating inactive customers and engaging your leads.

5. CRM

Many of the most widely used CRM systems were already compatible with LeadFox 1.5. But Zapier allows you keep the conversation flowing both ways in order to update or migrate all of the details needed to customize communication with your leads.

This also opens the door to more advanced-level automations used to evaluate the levels of interest of the leads in your pipeline.

6. Project Management

The final category is reserved for project management tools. We are all fully aware: with the vast array of workflow interfaces available, a good manager must be sure to integrate all of that data into a single, centralized location. And that’s exactly what patch 1.5 allows you to do.

You can now create new tasks in Trello as soon as a lead becomes a client: close follow-up to help them fully embrace your product or service.

Creating and managing automatic tasks for your sales team is also a breeze, thanks to Basecamp and Asana.

In short, !

What’s to come

This integration [] has allowed us to solidify our foundations whilst opening the door to more and more partnerships, and it allows you to send your data to your CRM systems, your calendars, and your project management platforms.

For future updates, we’ll be focusing on several enhancements for our tools with the aim of helping you convert even more customers.

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