LeadFox 1.5

Leadfox v1.5 : Product Update

With Leadfox v1.5 Product Update , will have several changes that will improve our platform significantly. The biggest change being the integration with Zapier (see the article on Zapier here), we also enhanced a lot of features to make it easier to convert your visitors into clients!

Click here for a Free Trial of 21 days! All the updates are now online.

Here’s the detailed list of the changes.


  • Integration with Zapier (750+ apps now working with LeadFox) []


  • Several improvements have been done to the leads history timeline
    • It now displays the title of the tools (rather than the name of the variant in the past)
    • The tool title is now a clickable URL
    • The source of each conversion is now displayed in the same line (directly on the timeline)
  • Improved RSS feeds information display (what’s sent and what’s scheduled)
  • Improved the email sending process
  • Optimised the LeadFox WordPress plugin for version 1.5 (see plugin here)
  • Reworked the users’ roles and permissions
  • Improved the loading speed for the dashboard and the reports
  • Improved the exporting speed for contacts CSVs
  • It is now impossible to delete yourself from the list of users
  • RSS feeds can now contain HTML content
  • Improved spacing in the email sending information box of the email builder
  • Added navigation per page when the number of templates exceeds 100 in the template listing page
  • Added sender email address validation in the email builder
  • Simplified the agency billing system
  • It is now impossible to delete yourself from the list of users
  • Database et servers stabilization (MongoDB)

Via Zapier :

  • Opportunity to run lead gen campaign directly on ad networks and LeadFox (Google, Facebook, etc.)
  • Opportunity to create/manage tasks on calendar apps (Calendly, Google Calendar, etc.)
  • Opportunity to connect to ecommerce systems (PayPal, Shopify, GumRoad, etc.)
  • Opportunity to take care of customer service (Facebook Messenger, Intercom, etc.)
  • Integration with most major CRMs (Pipedrive, Prosperworks, SalsForce, etc.)
  • Integration with projects managements tools (Asana, Basecamp, Trello, etc.)
  • Take a look at our article on Zapier for detailed information

Would you like to be ?


  • Popup variants can now be saved as a popup template
  • Variant name is now required when creating a new variant
  • Fixed form checkboxes appearing on the right side of the text instead of the left side on landing pages, popups and embed forms
  • Fixed a bug with email titles when saving the email as a template
  • Fixed the lists maximum capping (now more than 100)
  • Revisions date/time now uses the user time zone in the landing page builder
  • Fixed description not showing up when updating the campaign description
  • Fixed the action “Copy to” for the web banners
  • Fixed API key not disappearing properly when it is revoked / deleted in the API keys management page.
  • Fixed the action “Send test” in an email template not working properly
  • Fixed duplicated “Thank You” pages being blank after duplicating a landing page
  • Fixed emails sometimes having corrupted start time.
  • Fixed embed form icon showing in the web banner reports instead of the web banner icon.
  • Fixed a bug related to the email preferences (subscribers)
  • Fixed a rare occurrence of invalid variant weights
  • Fixed a bug within the agency email invitation
  • Fixed several grammatical errors et typos
  • Fixed accents not working properly in contact notes
  • Added correction to several language translations (French to English and vice versa)

We’re all very excited by this update. Nothing beats seeing it in action to witness the awesome changes and bug fixes. You can hop into LeadFox here.

You need to be to try our integration!

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